50 Rock Star Logos For Scientists
JOHN BROWNLEE, fastcodesign.com

Famous scientists, from Pythagoras to Stephen Hawking, get the nerdulent logos they deserve.

If physi­cists and math­e­mati­cians can’t be rock stars, why can’t they at least have rock star logos? No rea­son at all, as these 50 incred­i­ble…


What Are Americans Most Stressed Out About?
CAREY DUNNE, fastcodesign.com

A new survey of 2,500 American adults offers insight into top sources of stress and how people cope.

Stressed out? You’re not alone. About half of respon­dents in a new poll of more than 2,500 Amer­i­cans by NPR, the Har­vard School of Pub­lic…